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Privacy Policy” stipulates “personal information” and the “handling of personal information” when using website and application (“Service”) provided by ASOBIMO, Inc. (“ASOBIMO”, “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) and is applied as if the user has agreed to the use of service from the start.

Personal Information collected upon this Service will be managed according to this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy will only be applied when users use our Service, and when we use and manage the acquired Personal Information.

1.Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information in this Privacy Policy refers to the information that can specifically identify an individual by combining other information such as your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

2.Purpose of Collecting and the Use of Personal Information

We may ask users to provide personal information when a user registers for a service or when it is necessary to provide the service.

[Collected Information, Purpose of Use, Collection Method]
Collected Information: Email address
Purpose of Use: For Inquiry Responses, User Administration
Collection Method: Provided by user"

[Collected Information, Purpose of Use, Collection Method]
Collected Information: IP Address
Purpose of Use: For Inquiry Responses, User Administration
Collection Method: Collected Automatically

Collected Information: Advertisement ID
Purpose of Use: For User Administration
Collection Method: Collected Automatically

In addition to the above, we will use the collected user information for the following purposes.
Also, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations, Personal Information will not be disclosed to Third Parties without prior consent of the user.

a)To provide and improve our Service
b)To respond to customer service inquiries
c)To send announcements of our Service or other important information
d)For identity verification and authentication services
e)For marketing activities such as statistics, analysis and to conduct surveys
f)To complete and manage payment and billing transactions
g)To comply with required law or court orders
h)To send gifts and for announcements regarding campaigns (in and outside the game)
i)To prevent cheating, crime, fraud, or any other security reasons and to fix bugs
j)For other purposes specified in each of our Services

Collected information will be transferred to the server set by us and used within the limits of its purpose.

3. About the Use of Cookies

Cookies may be used to improve user service for the website operated by our company, however these Cookies shall not infringe on the privacy of the user.
In order to improve service, this website is monitored using Google Analytics (product of Google, Inc.).
Cookies will be generated in order to perform this analysis, however due to this, there is a possibility that some of the user information such as IP addresses will be collected by Google, Inc.
Also, there are cases where Cookies are set on browsers using Google and where preexisting Cookies can be read. These are all exclusively used for the purpose of analyzing the usage of the site, creating reports, and a goal of providing other services.
By using this site, it is considered that the user permits Google to manage this data for the purposes and methods listed above.

Depending on the browser you use, the settings for allowing these Cookies may be disabled, however as a result, all or some parts of the service provided through this web page may be inaccessible.

4.Sharing to Third Parties

We will not share or disclose Personal Information to any Third Parties in general.
However, we may share or disclose Personal Information under the following circumstances, or if permitted by the Private Information Protection Law or any relevant laws.
Additionally, we may also disclose your Personal Information to a subcontractor and partners, but only the necessary information within the scope of accomplishing their contractual agreement. Prior to disclosing to a subcontractor and partners, we will conduct a thorough examination and assessment of handling Personal Information before we enter into an Non-disclosure Agreements of Personal Information.

a)If we have your consent
b)If we receive official inquiry orders from public organizations such as the court or law
c)In urgent cases where there is imminent danger to people's lives or properties
d)If information is provided anonymously
e)Upon our Company being sold or merged

5.Employee Supervision

We will appropriately supervise our employees in attempt to ensure that Personal Information and data are safely managed.

6.Subcontractor Supervision

In the case that we outsource all or a part of the Personal Information, we will seal a Non-disclosure Agreements of Personal Information with our subcontractor and partners, as well as, appropriately supervise the subcontractor in attempt to ensure that Personal Information and data are safely managed.

7.Disclosure of Personal Information

We will disclose the Personal Information to the user after we verify that the request was made from the owner.
However, we may not disclose all or some parts of the Personal Information if it deem detriment to the Company or if it violates the law.

8.Revision to the Privacy Policy

All or part of this privacy policy can be revised without obtaining the user's consent due to legal revisions, changes to our business, user requests, etc.
However, if we decide important changes have been made, we will notify users in a way they will understand.


Personal information voluntarily sent or disclosed over the Internet (including e-mails, chats (including in-game chats), online forums, social media, or any prohibited tools) may be collected and used by other users.
Therefore, we will not be liable for any damages suffered by the user.

Contact: Personal Information Protection Administrator
Director & General Manager of Administration: Kazumasa Oguro


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