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Warnings of playing the game

"Fantasy Earth Genesis" is an online game to coop the battle and chat with many people.
Although this is an online, virtual game, there are people behind the screens, who controls their own characters.

Unlike playing by yourself, there are people with feelings like you, so please follow the rules and manners for everyone to enjoy.

For those you have violated the rules, we may conduct a suspension for all game data, so please check for more details from this page.

Prohibition of slander, nuisance, spamming or impersonation

Using statement that ASOBIMO finds inappropriate, such as sexual or racial discrimination, discriminating disabilities, violating public order and morality, and character names including such statements or words are prohibited.

Actual names of people that were part of famous incidents and crimes such as terrorists and criminals are also not allowed.

We prohibit actions to impersonate third person, and making violent or degrading remarks to disrespect others.

Prohibition of exploiting, spreading, and encouraging use of bugs

Whether consciously or not, improperly gaining experience, virtual items and currencies through program bugs and failures is prohibited.
This will include spreading out statements that encourage others to act fraudulently as well.
*If you find something that appears to be a bug or failure, please stop the usage of the feature, and please report immediately via the Contact Form.

Prohibition of leaking or collecting Personal Information

Whether it is valid or not, transferring or collecting personal information such as "Email Address", "Resident Address", and "Phone Number" or "Game ID", "Transfer Code", and "Other ID" are prohibited.

ASOBIMO's "GM" will never ask for your Personal Information such as password from in-game.

Prohibition of RMT, Trading Different Currencies/Items, Transferring Accounts to Others, Sharing Accounts.

Buying or selling virtual items or currencies for actual real world money through Real Money Tradings are prohibited.

Trading virtual items and currencies from Fantasy Earth Genesis with items and currencies from other online games, or goods and personal information are prohibited.

Transferring Fantasy Earth Genesis game account in exchange for goods, money, personal information, or other information, and transferring Fantasy Earth Genesis game account to others regardless of paid or for free of charge are prohibited.
Transferring user's account to their family member or friends are also included.

Sharing same account among multiple users, or allowing third party to use own data are prohibited.
Please note that sharing among family members and friends are also included.

Prohibition of Operation Interference

Pretending to be ASOBIMO's employee or support member, such as a person related to the game team or the GM, acts and statements that intentionally disturb in-game event progress, and ignoring the instructions from the operation team or the GM are prohibited.

Sending admittedly excessive number of reports, reporting fabricated information, or reporting information not related to the game are prohibited.

Acts that are threat, or interference to ASOBIMO's business are prohibited.

Prohibition of Data Falsification, Use of Malicious Programs, Botting

Using external program that ASOBIMO does not permit, to falsify data or cause the game to behave in unintended manner is prohibited.

Using programs or tools that will operate the character while the player being absent (Botting) is prohibited.

Prohibition of Frauds and Acts That Can Lead to Criminal Cases

Improperly gaining virtual items and currencies by deceiving others or intentionally modifying the selling price from prior consent in the trade or similar functions to urge mistaken purchase are prohibited.

Any statements or acts that can lead to murder, suicide, or terrorism are prohibited.

Prohibition of other falsifications and harassments

Any other falsifications and harassments not stated in this page are prohibited.
Please play the game without disturbing or causing troubles with others.

Be aware of Links in Fansites, etc.

There are cases the links in Fansites, etc. are illegally modified.
Also accessing the address a malicious player states in the game could lead to illegal websites.
Please be aware of the links not provided by ASOBIMO.

Caution of Health

Enjoy playing the game while being careful about your body condition or health.
Please turn on the light of the room light and avoid holding your device too close to your eyes when playing.
We recommend to take about 15 minutes break per hour for your health.
Please refrain from playing the game when you are tired, lacking sleep, or not feeling well.


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