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Season 17 Alliance Battle Accessory Gacha sale starts now!
This is Fantasy Earth Genesis operation team.

[Mix]S17_Alliance Battle Accessory Gacha will start the sale from 2020/3/1 (Sun) 5:00(JST)!

【Campaign Details】
When using in "Alliance Battle," Personal Ranking Bonus will be boosted with "Sakura Fan(Light Blue)" and "Sakura Fan(Green)" will start its sale!
Also, there will be useful items will also be lined up with accessories!

【About effects for "Sakura Fan(Light Blue)" and "Sakura Fan(Green)'" only for "Alliance Battle"】
This is special accessory for "Alliance Battle Season 17."
When equipping the accessories and joined the battle, bonus will be added to "Alliance Ranking Point" and "Personal Ranking Point."
When getting the same accessory again, it will be synthed automatic Alliance and "Boost Lv." will be raised.

■About Bonus Alliance Ranking Point
Alliance Ranking Point will be increased as own character equip accessory's "Boost Lv Total Rate" is added to the Alliance when the battle ends.

Ex) When equipping "Sakura Fan(Light Blue) Boost Lv1" and "Sakura Fan(Green) Boost Lv2," "Alliance Ranking Point" will be +3 from Lv1 from Sakura Fan(Light Blue) Boost, and Sakura Fan(Green) Boost Lv.2.

■About Bonus Personal Ranking Point
Personal Ranking Point will be increased as own character equip accessory's "Boost Lv Total Rate" is added individu Alliance when the battle ends.

Ex)When equipping "Sakura Fan(Light Blue) Boost Lv.3," Black Wings effect rate will be "Personal Ranking Point +10%" and boosted from the Lv "3" and "Personal Ranking Point" will be added "+30%."

*Effective accessories changes according to different Alliance Battles.
*Accessory Bonus Effects may lose its effect once the Alliance Battle ends, and turn back to normal accessory.

【Covered Gacha】
・[Mix] S17_Alliance Battle Accessory Gacha

【Campaign Period】
2020/3/1 (Sun) 5:00 to 2020/3/23 (Mon) 4:45(JST)

・When using Orbs
1x 300 Orbs (Paid/Unpaid)
11x 3,000 Orbs (Paid/Unpaid)

【Alliance Battle Accessories in the line-up】
Item Name Details Image
Sakura Fan(Light Blue)Personal Ranking Bonus Boost.Lv1 +10%
Sakura Fan(Green) Personal Ranking Bonus Boost.Lv1  +5%

※This is Alliance Battle Accessory. "Sakura Fan(Light Blue)" and "Sakura Fan(Green)" have the rarity of "4 stars" but the effective rate are different so please check for more details.

You can check "Offering Rates" within the Gacha for the covered Gacha line-ups.
Don't miss this chance!

【Warnings regarding playing Gacha】
1. Although the individual rates for "Equipment, Item" has more than 6th decimal place, it will be shown until 5th decimal place.
Due to this, there may be times that the total of the rarity rate will not be 100%.
*The actual distribution rate is not rounded off, rounded up or down to the sixth decimal place.
2. [Mix] S17_Alliance All-Out Battle Accessory Gacha will be lottery according to the rates per once.
It will not necessarily drop certain equipment and items with certain number of draw for [Mix] S17_Alliance All-Out Battle Accessory Gacha.
Also, there may be same equipments and items will be dropped from [Mix] S17_Alliance All-Out Battle Accessory Gacha.

*If you use the covered Gacha out of the campaign period, it will be excluded from this campaign.
*There may be changes with campaign details etc during the campaign without prior notices depending on the circumstances.

Fantasy Earth Genesis operation team.


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