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Alliance Battle: Season 17 starts!!
This is Fantasy Earth Genesis operation team.

We will be starting the "Alliance Battle: Season 17" after the maintenance on Feb 27, 2020(Thu)(JST)!

▼"Alliance Battle: Season 17" Table of Content
【1】"Alliance Battle: Overview"
【2】"Alliance Battle: Season 17" Period
【3】"Alliance Battle: Rules"
【4】"Alliance Battle: Season 17" Reward Types
【5】"Alliance Battle: Season 17" Reward Detail
【6】"Alliance Battle: Season 17" Joined Reward
【7】Items and Accessories that you can use in "Alliance Battle: Season 17"

【1】"Alliance Battle: Overview"

"Alliance Battle" is, a monthly ranking event where 3 Allies battle in "Tactic" Map. AdditionAlliance, "Alliance Battle" will be calculated by "Season" and will be titled as "Alliance Battle: Season 〇(Number)"
Also, you can also retrieve "Alliance Battle Rewards" by collecting points from "Alliance Battle."
▼Alliance Battle Screen
Alliance Battle Screen is on the left side of the "Base Map" "Tactic Map" screen and move to from "Alliance Ranking" Detail button.

You can check the following from Alliance Battle screen.
・Period of Round 1 and Round 2
・Individual Records
・Play ADV
・Ranking Rewards for Alliance Battle
・Record of each ranking
Let's get those great rewards by raising your ranking from joining the "Alliance Battle"!


【2】Period for "Alliance Battle: Season 17"

The Season 17 "Alliance Battle" will start from Feb 27, 2020 (Thu)(JST).
There will be "Round 1" and "Round 2" .
Also, you cannot start the battle for 15 minutes when switching from "Round 1" to "Round 2".

Alliance Battle: Season 17 will be conducted with the following schedule.
Round 1 2020/2/27 (Thu) after maintenance to 2020/3/1 (Sun) 4:45(JST)
Round 2 2020/3/1 (Sun) 5:00 to 2020/3/23 (Mon) 4:45(JST)


【3】"Alliance Battle Rule"

Alliance Ranking Point can be received by battle on "Tactic Map" by 3 Allies.
The points will differ according to "Capture" or "Defense" success.
Alliance Battle's victory and defeats is not determined by the number of "area capture," but rather be determined with the Alliance with the most "Alliance Ranking Points" in the end of the "Alliance Battle."

▼About resetting the Tactic Map's captured conditions
Tactic Map's Captured condition will be resetted when starting and ending "Alliance Battle."

▼About Ranking
In the Alliance Battle, there will be the following "Rankings" other than "Alliance Ranking."
① "Individual Ranking (Alliance)"
└Ranking within the Alliance's "Individual Ranking Points"

② "Corps Ranking (All)"
└Ranking within the game from "Total points of each members of the Corps' ranking points"

▼About Important Points
Important Points are the area that appears in Tactic Map within the time, and Important Points start by captured by the other allies.

Important Point's Appearance Time (JST)
8:00 ~ 9:00
12:00 ~ 13:00
16:00 ~ 17:00
20:00 ~ 21:00
0:00 ~ 1:00

Each Allies' goal Important Point will differ, and you will get in to "Bonus Time "when as you capture the Important Points.

【It will activate the following effects during Bonus Time】
1, Boost effect for retrieving Alliance Ranking Points.
2, Boost effect for retrieving Individual Ranking Points.

▼About Supply Base
Supply Base is an area that appears on Tactic Map within the specific time.
When winning the battle at Supply Base, you can get "Supply Base Rewards."
Also, when the winner is confirmed at the bottle of "Supply Base," "Supply Base" will dissappear.

Supply Base Appearance Time(JST)
2:00 ~ 3:00
6:00 ~ 7:00
10:00 ~ 11:00
14:00 ~ 15:00
18:00 ~ 19:00
22:00 ~ 23:00

▼About Supply Base Rewards
There will be 2 types of Supply Base Rewards, "Victory Rewards" and "Participation Rewards."
Details regarding rewards, can be checked from "Area Information" to "Supply Base" in the game.

▼Retrieving timing and conditions of receiving Supply Base Rewards
【When joining the battle at Supply Base】
1. If winning within the Supply Base, and winning the results according to winning battles
You can receive "Victory Reward" and "Participation Reward" with above condition.

2. If winning within the Supply Base, losing with the results according to winning battles.
You can receive "Participation Reward" with above condition.

3. If losing within the Supply Base, winning with the results according to winning battles.
You can receive "Victory Reward" with above condition.
 1. Already joined to the winning Alliance within the Supply Base battle.
2. User logged in within a minute when winning the battle within the Supply Base.

4. When you lost within the Supply Base and ended as losing condition.
There will be no receiving rewards with above condition.

【If you are not joined the battle at Supply Base】
1. If the results was win within Supply Base
With above meets the following conditions, you can receive "Victory Rewards."
1. Already joined to the winning Alliance within the Supply Base battle.
2. User logged in within a minute when winning the battle within the Supply Base.


【4】"Alliance Battle: Season 17" Rewards

You can receive 2 types of rewards from "Alliance Battles"

1. Alliance Ranking Rewards
Alliance Ranking rewards, you can receive the rewards, "Mid Reward" from round 1 and "End Reward" from completing round 2.
*You can check the Alliance Ranking at the base or Tactic Map.

2.Personal Ranking Rewards
This is ranking calculated with individual received total points from Alliance Battle.
By joining each battle field, you can get personal ranking points, and the score will be calculated at the result.
You can receive "End Reward" from completing round 2 of the Alliance Battle for Personal Ranking Reward.

There will also be 2 types of personal ranking.
1, Personal Ranking Reward within the Alliance "Personal Ranking (Alliance)"
2, Ranking Reward received from battle within the Corps "Corps Ranking"

【About Corps Ranking】
Ranking based from each Corps' members Personal Ranking Points.
*Only the Personal Ranking Points within each members of the Corps are covered for calculation.

Let's reach for high score and reach higher of the ranking!

Mid Rewards will be distributed after 2020/3/1, 5:00AM(JST), and "End Rewards" will be distributed after 2020/3/23, 5:00AM(JST).


【5】"Alliance Battle: Season 17" Rewards Detail

You can receive the following rewards from "Alliance Battle."
Types Example Rewards
Individual Ranking (Alliance) Gold Exchange Ticket、Silver Exchange Ticket
Extraction Material、Drop of Blessing、Armalite、Weapalite
Corps Ranking Lucky Stone、Cancel Stone、Silver Exchange Ticket
※*Please check for more details regarding Ranking Rewards, from the game, "Alliance Battle's Ranking Tab."

▼About "Exchange Ticket"
You can exchange to weapon and armor that you cannot get from Gacha with Exchange Ticket.
There will be 2 types of tickets, "Gold Exchange Tickets," and "Silver Exchange Tickets," to get from Alliance Battle.

▼About Armor that can only get at "Alliance Battles"
There will be equipments that can only be retrieved by exchanging with "Exchange Ticket" that you can get from Alliance Battles.
Unlike the usual equipment, you will be able to activate "Set Bonus" when the armor is full set.

▼About "Set Bonus"
Effect included in the armor only able to get in Alliance Battle.
It will fully activate when all parts of equipment, "Head, Body, Arm, Legs, Feet" are set.


【6】"Alliance Battle: Season 17" Joined Reward

There will also be Participation Rewards to get during "Alliance Battle" period.

Unlike login bonus, you can receive after the day "You have participated the Alliance Battle."

The rewards will differ with "Round 1" and "Round 2," and "Round 2" will depend on the record of Alliance Ranking of the day on 5:00AM.


【7】Items and Accessories that you can use in "Alliance Battle: Season 17"

When using at "Alliance Battle," there will be items to get more benefits and accessories that can boost Personal Ranking Bonus depending on the result after the battle.

▼Battle Boon
By using "Battle Boon" while participating, there will be more benefits to increase "Gold, EXPs, items, and Personal Ranking Points."
・"Golds, EXPs, Personal Ranking Points"
└+20% than usual
└2x than usual
*Amount of items will differ according to winning or losing.

You are able to use "Battle Boon" 2 times per day, and "Battle Boon" will be all recovered at 5:00AM.
Also, you can use "Drop of Blessing" to recover "Battle Boon" once.
Addition Alliance, you can also use the Orbs from "Battle Boon" screen if you do not own "Drop of Blessing."
Please check the amount left for "Battle Boon" from the upper-left of screen on the side of Character Level.

IconItem NameDetail Price
Drop of Blessing Using Battle Boon during
the battle, recovers
Battle Boon once.
200Orbs (Paid)

▼Alliance Battle Accessory (Sakura Fan(Light Blue), Sakura Fan(Green))
This is special accessory to be activated in "Alliance Battle."
Item Name Detail Image
Sakura Fan(Light Blue)Personal Ranking Bonus
Boost.Lv1 +10%
Sakura Fan(Green)Personal Ranking Bonus
Boost.Lv1 +5%

You will be able to get this accessory from "Alliance Battle Gacha" from the end of "Round 1" of "Alliance Battle."
There will be bonus added to "Alliance" and "Personal" ranking points as you participate in the battle with equipping the accessory.
The effective accessories will differ according to different Alliance Battles.
Also, you can equip up to 3 accessories, and if it was the same accessories equipped, the effect will be overlapped when activated.
Accessories' Bonus Effect will become as normal accessory when Alliance Battle ends, and "Boost.Lv" will be raised when accessories overlaps with the ones already own and automatic Alliance synthed to raise "Boost.Lv."

▼About "Boost.Lv"
Boost.Lv. only exists in Alliance Battle's accessory, and Boost.Lv will be raised up to 5 by equipping the same accessory.
Bonus effect will be raised as Boost.Lv is raised.

▼About "Accessory effect"
【Alliance Ranking Point】
→If your own character is equipping the accessory, "Original Rate x Boost.Lv", "Personal Ranking Points" given to individuals at the end of battle will be raised.
Ex) If wearing "Sakura Fan(Light Blue) Boost.Lv.3," and if effect is "Personal Ranking Point +10%" and the boost level rate is "3," then "Personal Ranking Point will be +30%" will be effective.


Fantasy Earth Genesis operation team.


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