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Bray Bird Weapon Gacha "STEP-UP" sale starts from Dec 11 (Wed)!
This is Fantasy Earth Genesis operation team.

We have started the sale of "STEP-UP" Bray Bird Weapon Gacha from Dec 11,2019(Wed)(JST)!

【Special Effect Added to Arms!】
You can get this "Bray Bird Series" during the period, with weapon level 20! Also, you can exceed the Build-Up when building up arms during the period!!
*Weapon and Armor's special effect will activate the special effect during the period that each arms are set. After the end of the period, it will go back to the same build up with normal arms.
*Special effect of build up of Weapon Level 20 is equivalent to weapon and armor builded up using Lucky Stone and Weapalite or Armalite.
*Shield is not covered.

Please check the special effects and periods on the armor details screen that appears when you press and hold each armor on the Profile.
*This is image
【Special Effect Period】
Bray Bird Series: 2019/12/11 (Wed) start of the sale to 2020/1/3 (Fri) 23:59(JST)

【Campaign Detail】
New Weapon "Bray Bird Series" are lined-up, Bray Bird Weapon Gacha "STEP-UP" is now on sale!
This will the Gacha that is guaranteed to win 1 of 4 stars of weapon at the 5th Step of 11x Gacha!

【Bray Bird Weapon Characteristic】
「Song of Battle」 is one of the skill added tp each weapon, new weapon's unique characteristic!
Gains own ability for certain time.

【Covered Gacha】
・[Mix] Bray Bird Weapon Gacha

【Campaign Period】
2019/12/11 (Wed) to 2019/12/20 (Fri) 23:59:59(JST)

【Sales Price】
11x 5,000 Orbs (Paid)
※Covered Orbs for this campaign is only (Paid) Orbs

Bray Bird Weapon (Shield) List
※"Shield" is a weapon to raise "DEF" which there will be no changes in ATK. Weapon Name (Weapon type:)
Weapon Name (Weapon type:) Max Basic ATK Max Basic ATK
(In Period)
Upper Cap LevelNote
Bray Bird
Series Weapon
(Including Breakthrough)
(Including Breakthrough)
(Including Breakthrough)
*Max value is rate with Breakthrough included.
【Weapon List (Normal)】
Weapon Name (Weapon type:) Max Basic ATKUpper Cap LevelSkillWeapon Image
Bray Bird Guitar α
Weapon type:Sword
※Soldier-only Weapon
(Including Breakthrough)
(Including Breakthrough)
Basic Attack
Shield Bash
Guard Reinforce
Song of Battle
Solid Strike
Earth Stomp

※1H Sword is usually not included except in set items.
Bray Bird Lyre α
Weapon type:Shield
※Soldier-only Weapon
(Shield is DEF rate)
※1H Sword is usually not included except in set items.
Bray Bird Xylophone α
Weapon type:Blade
※Striker-only Weapon
(Including Breakthrough)
(Including Breakthrough)
Basic Attack
Strike Smash
Song of Battle
Heavy Smash
Power Smash
Bray Bird Tambourine α
Weapon type:Dagger
※Asassin-only Weapon
(Including Breakthrough)
Including Breakthrough)
Basic Attack
Guard Break
Leg Break
Song of Battle
Burn Edge
Strike Sobat
Bray Bird Harp α
Weapon type:Bow
※Hunter-only Weapon
(Including Breakthrough)
(Including Breakthrough)
Basic Attack
Eagle Shot
Arrow Rain
Song of Battle
Power Shoot
Sonic Shoot
Bray Bird Bagpipe α
Weapon type:Wand
※Wizard-only Weapon
(Including Breakthrough)
(Including Breakthrough)
Basic Attack
Energy Bolt
Shine Blast
Song of Battle
Fire Lance
Spark Flare

You can check "Offering Rates" within the Gacha for the covered Gacha line-ups.

Don't miss this chance!

【Warnings regarding playing Gacha】
1. Although the individual rates for "Equipment, Item" has more than 6th decimal place, it will be shown until 5th decimal place.
Due to this, there may be times that the total of the rarity rate will not be 100%.
*The actual distribution rate is not rounded off, rounded up or down to the sixth decimal place.
2. [Mix] Bray Bird Weapon Gacha will be lottery according to the rates per once.
It will not necessarily drop certain equipment and items with certain number of draw for [Mix] Bray Bird Weapon Gacha.
Also, there may be same equipments and items will be dropped from [Mix] Bray Bird Weapon Gacha.

*If you use the covered Gacha out of the campaign period, it will be excluded from this campaign.
*There may be changes with campaign details etc during the campaign without prior notices depending on the circumstances.

Fantasy Earth Genesis operation team.


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